Nora has been astounding people with her psychic abilities for more than 30 years.

Renowned for her clairvoyance throughout the US and Europe, her powerful insight has provided guidance and understanding. Readings available in English, French or Armenian.

"I have been calling Nora for over 22 years. She is not only a gifted psychic but she is dependable and always willing to make herself emotionally available. She has an ability to see years into the future. You will not be disappointed."
- Judy, Arizona

"I've been having readings done with Nora for 5 years now. She has changed my life not only in a positive way, but on a spiritual level. Her guidance and her ability to read people is truly remarkable. Thank you Nora for all you have done for me and for others!"
- Taline, New York

"I have been a client of Nora's for many years. She is extremely accurate and insightful. She never seeks to influence, but rather provides invaluable guidance and information."
- S., Canada

"Nora has been doing psychic readings for me for almost 20 years. She is accurate and compassionate and has helped me through many of life's changes."
- Caroline, Texas

Rediscover What You've Lost &
Locate What You're Looking For

Taking a financial blow, the ending of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, or health issues, can leave us upset or with a feeling of hopelessness. Navigating this emotional turmoil by oneself is a drain on the mind, body, and soul. When you reach out to Nora, she uses her gift to support you. It is not her intention to influence you one way or the other, but rather to guide you on your own path.

Tap into the Spirit World

Nora is constantly amazing people with her pinpoint accurate predictions and her relationship with the spiritual world. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada practicing her visionary abilities full time.


  • Nora comes from a long line of women who have practiced the psychic arts. However, she also has an immense talent for singing. She has used her passion for music to nurture her gift of clairvoyance.

    "Through music, I feel things. When I sing, I feel passion for life, I feel passion for love, I feel passion for those who have passed on."

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